Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

At FTI Consulting, we are committed to embracing, cultivating and maintaining a culture of diversity, inclusion & belonging as it is fundamental to our core values.

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Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Strategy

FTI Consulting’s Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging efforts extend globally through a multi-pronged approach focused on attracting, developing and retaining diverse talent. Learn how we are supporting our aspirations for continuing to build a diverse and inclusive firm culture here.

Diversity Ambassador Program

Our Diversity Ambassador Program is sponsored by a global network of passionate Diversity Ambassadors who celebrate diversity, inclusion and belonging through initiatives such as diversity-focused panel series with industry peers, heritage celebrations, community outreach via volunteering and pro bono services, and more.


Our global women’s initiative, FTI WIN, offers career training, professional development, mentorship, networking and community outreach opportunities across the globe to empower our female professionals to reach their highest potential and develop best-in-class leadership capabilities. Learn more about FTI WIN here.

See how our Diversity Ambassadors and colleagues are creating an inclusive culture

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The Pact For FTI Consulting

In support of equality in the workplace, FTI Consulting has agreed to a pact that includes the following goals:

Leadership & Culture

Ensure no male member of FTI Consulting’s Executive Committee appears on a panel at a public event that does not have diverse representation.

Equity & Retention

Conduct an annual audit of pay, promotions and performance ratings across gender and race.

Hiring & Recruiting

Provide 5% more female and diverse candidates than the actual pool of candidates; and extend offers to at least the same or higher percentage of female and diverse candidates.